As a Financial Planning Advocate

When I started working few weeks after my graduation years ago, I only saved a portion of my salary to my bank savings which my Mom opened for me when I was eleven. I am so grateful my Mom did it for us (her five children). Whenever we received money or “pamasko” from our godparents and relatives, she put it directly to our bank accounts. 

Few years after doing it consistently every month, I noticed that my savings didn’t grow that much. I can’t feel the interest the bank is adding on in my savings account. There were times that I have to withdraw my money if need arises. In short, nothing happens in my habit of saving if only put it in the bank. 

I remember every time I had excess money, I always kept on thinking what stuff to buy since I didn’t know what to do with it. Therefore, it was easy to become an impulsive buyer then.

Learn how money works

And finally, early last year I had the curiosity of what other vehicles I can ride with my money aside from the bank. I asked few people who were close to me that I know they start putting their money in other “investment vehicles”. But I gathered little information or sometimes none about it from them. So I decided to learn it myself. I must say that I took the risk and had the courage since it is very new to me.

I concentrated and allotted most of my time studying how money works – reading financial books, attending seminars and talking to people who are financially successful.

With the blessing of our Lord, I’m now a Licensed Financial and Mutual Funds Advisor here in the Philippines. I’m starting to help people including myself, my family and hopefully more Filipinos to become financially independent and to fulfill their dreams. Everything that I have learned and continuously learning about the financial world especially how money works, I really want to share them with you through this blog. 

 Friends, welcome and let’s earn more so we can share more!