Equifax, Transuinion, Capitol one ?

Question by : Equifax, Transuinion, Capitol one ?
I owe money to these places and everytime i call them to either make payment arrangements or dispute i cant get ahold of anybody, what can i do about this, this is just rediculous its like they want you to be in debt

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As for the first 2 you mentioned, you have to dispute whatever is on your reports that you feel is inaccurately there in writing. Calling won’t do any good.

As for the Capital One account, has it been charged off and sold to a collection agency? That could be why they aren’t able to do much for you when you call.

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  1. Equifax & TransUnion just report credit information..They are not collection agencies and you will never owe money to them and you cannot pay them directly for defaulted accounts.

    If you defaulted on a CapitalOne credit card, then you need to contact CapitalOne…or whatever collection agency that bought your account. This info should be listed on your Equifax credit report. Before you pay, how old is this debt? When did you default and last make payment on the account?

    FYI: CapitalOne is a very aggressive creditor…be careful about renewing contact with them about an old credit card default. Unless you have money saved up to settle the account for at least 50%, then I would not take the risk of renewing contact with them. Paying back defaulted credit card accounts, called charge-offs, will not fix your credit. When a credit card defaults, the damage to your credit has been done and it cannot be undone by later paying back the debt. You’ll be stuck with bad credit regardless of what you do. The charge off notation stays for 7 years on your credit report.