Groupons, Anyone?

Last month, I received an email from one of the readers named Marjorie (not her real name) asking for my advice. She had a lot of inquiries on how to handle her finances and I helped her by answering everything she asked. Like others, she wants to invest as early as she can but she told me she has to prioritize paying off her credit card bills first which is the right thing to do. I admire Marjorie for her decision of getting out of debt and will soon create her wealth fund and grow her savings by investing. 

But do you know where her big ticket purchases go? She has been giving away her three thousand pesos every month to online deals—groupons.

I have been wanting to write about groupons. And I’m happy that my sister and advocate Jenny shares what she knows and her friendly advices about it. Lets hear it straight from her. Click this link to know more about Jenny.

Groupons, Anyone?

By Jenny Noynay 

Do you want sales, promos and discounts? If yes, Groupons might be an option for you.

              When we say Groupons, it is a shortcut for group coupons. And when we buy in groups, the lesser its selling price is. So what we get is a low cost product with a high quality service. How can I say that? It’s because I experience it myself.


How to avail it?

           There are only 3 easy steps to buy a groupon.   

     1. Know what you need! There is a big difference between a want and a need, by the way. Do you need a break? Do you need to celebrate with your love? There are tons of selections to choose from like spas, massages, travels and dining!

     2. Visit a group buying site that offers what you need. Sign up! There are a lot of sites available. Few popular ones are,,, and the likes.

  3. Choose a deal, select a payment option and of course, pay for it! After payment, you receive a voucher with details and just follow it!


So easy, right? But be careful because it can be addicting! So please control and just avail what you need.


Friendly advices

     1. Have trust. Yes, it might be too risky. You’re thinking what if this isn’t true, what if this is a scam. I’m telling you, you have to trust. What I do before deciding what to avail is to google the merchant/seller so read some blog reviews and forum discussions about them and when you’re now sure, go for it.

   2. Be keen to the location of the merchant/seller. Make sure that the location is convenient to you because you don’t want to hassle yourself, right?

  3. Enjoy! It’s your money and it should benefit you. Well, not all times that it will satisfy you but most of time, it will! In the end, you will tell yourself, I made the right decision!


We have different experiences in Groupons. But one thing’s for sure, it will continue to grow as long as there are businesses who offer deals and people who want discounts. Watch out for this post’s Part two. 

Who wouldn’t love online deals? But can you imagine if Marjorie puts her three thousand pesos every month in an investment vehicle like Stocks or Mutual Funds that grows 12% a year for 35 years? She will be earning Php 17 million! 

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