How Much Insurance You Really Need?

“I already have life insurance.”

This is the common answer I
usually get every time I ask somebody if they have a life insurance and how
much is their guaranteed protection. But when I asked them, “Since you already have an existing
coverage, do you think is it enough?”
Some of them told me, ‘yes, I think
so’ or ‘I do not know’.

The best reasons why would a
person like to get a life insurance are: (1) to protect his greatest asset–his
‘self’ and (2) to protect his family (for head of the families or breadwinners)
and his dreams for them. 
Because life insurance gives your
family immediate financial security, but this does not mean that you can only
get the benefits of life insurance when you die. 

Remember what I have mentioned
about the investment and savings plan called
“Sun MaxiLink Prime” (insurance with investments)?
here to read the full article. There are life insurance policies like
traditional plans and insurance with investments plans called variable
unit-linked or VUL as the Sun MaxiLink Prime that can give you ‘living benefits’ such as cash values, accumulated dividends and investment fund values (depends on what type of plan/s you would choose) in case you live too long
after your retirement years. 

Also, when getting life insurance, you must consider
the following factors:

      A. Life insurance is more expensive as you
get older

      B. Males have higher premiums than females

      C. Smoker vs. non-smoker rates

      D. Best to get when you’re young and still

But how much insurance do you need? Let me show you a simple
computation in determining the amount of continuing income for your family or the coverage
you really need to have.

  1. Find out how much is your family’s monthly
    expenses. Compute all your  monthly bills: electricity, food, water, clothing,
    rental fee and telephone. For example, your monthly expense is Php30,000
  2. Get the annual household expenses.
    Multiply your monthly expense by 12. Php30,000 x 12 (months) equals Php360,000
  3. In case head of the family will die, the
    surviving dependents need an annual income of Php360,000–which then
    “replaces” the household expenses of the family.
      That’s why we call life insurance as an
    “income replacement” tool
  4. Determine how much the current interest
    rate of the bank is. Let’s use
    interest rate
  5. Divide your annual expenses by the interest
    rate of 4%. Php360,000 / 0.04 equals Php9 million
  6. Therefore, the head of the family or
    breadwinner requires Php9 million in protection fund or life insurance

Why Php9 million? Because if the surviving family members will receive
the amount and invest it in a time deposit or any 4% (interest rate per annum) bearing
investment vehicle, then it will generate Php360,000 in interest income every
year or a monthly income of Php30,000.

If you already have a life insurance, now maybe the time to check with
your financial advisor if your existing coverage is enough or not. But if your
budget constraints you, try to get a Term insurance which is the cheapest type
of life insurance with a maximum protection but no living benefits.

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or by leaving a comment below if you do not have a financial advisor yet. I can
help you to come up with a plan based on your needs and goals.