How Smart Apps Help You In Budgeting And Tracking Finances

I remember when I started working, I tracked my expenses by writing it down in a yellow paper. So old school but it worked for me.

But now, have you ever thought of using your smart phone in tracking and budgeting your finances?

Now, it is possible!

Advocate Jenny Noynay shares how Smart Apps help her in tracking her finances and be able to save more. Here’s her exact words:

free downloadable Smart Apps available in App Store (if you are using IOS Phones) or Google Play (if you are using Android Phones), you can track your money with your fingertips, instead of using the
traditional pen and paper.

budget and track finances in the first place? 

Do you have that time in your life when you asked yourself, “Where did
my money go”?
Experiencing such event, you may understand that tracking and
budgeting your finances help you to be aware of your spending habits and
give you control over it.

use Smart Apps in budgeting? 

Smartphones are handy so you can track your spending efficiently and
easily. For example, you buy goods in grocery, in just one snap, you can
update the tracker immediately.

are the Smart Apps that can be used?
Many free Personal Finance Smart Apps are available which you can choose
from. Just type “budget” on search in your App Store or Google Play and
you can choose any 4-5 star rating that is suitable for you. 

Based on experience, we recommend “Pocket Expense” for easy-to-use personal
finance Smart App. Other options include “Expense Manager App” that will notify you if you have scheduled payment and “Good Budget App”.

What are the features of the Smart Apps that can help you in tracking expenses and budgeting? 

Several advantageous features are available for any of these Finance Smart Apps such as:

1. Choosing your budget which makes you vigilant on spending money.

2. Selecting type of spending you incurred such as “Dining”, “Utilities”, “Household”, “Clothing” and the like.

Providing analysis, chart and report daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. You name it which can help you determine the criteria you spend the most. It can help you eliminate buying your “wants” instead of “needs”.

Having a Personal Finance Smart App makes budgeting and tracking Finances handy, efficient and user-friendly. 

Try it now and experience it yourself.

Track + Budget = Save

Be financially smart!