How to find the right Mutual Fund for You

To invest or not to invest is the question enters into your mind after you have learned what Mutual Fund is and the top reasons of investing in Mutual Funds as I posted in my previous articles. 

Considering the increasing prices of basic commodities like the cost of food, fuel and more that we are experiencing in our daily lives, we must find investment options that will let our money grow faster and keep up with a steady rise in the prices of goods resulting in the loss of your money’s value. 

Allow yourself discover the Mutual Fund that will help you achieve your goals and dreams for you and your family. 

But before doing so, consider this guide before you make a decision today that will certainly change your life forever.

Get ready for Adventure

Imagine Mutual Fund as an adventure to the unknown but a ride into having a secured future. And you have to go out of your way to educate yourself more about it. Ask your friends, read articles and insights like what I’m sharing in this blog. 🙂

Money you are willing to lose

Have you set aside 20% of your monthly income as financial gurus would advice and willing to lose it all? “The rule of thumb: invest on money you are willing to lose, which means that you can forget about it for the meantime.” Preferably 10 years or more until your money grows as much as it can–it’s the time value of your money.  

Look for a Trusted Partner

Before declaring yourself as a Mutual Fund Investor, choose a trusted company that will be with you in your journey to have a secured financial future. A Mutual Fund company that has been in the industry through the years (for 116 years now). Understand their prospectus and historical performances.

Now, are you ready to become a Mutual Fund Investor?

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