How to Manage your Money


Do you spend more than you earn? Are you tired of buying things that you eventually don’t need?

There’s some tips on how to manage your money the smarter way and live the rest of your life completely debt-free!

  1. When you go shopping, take only cash. Don’t take a credit card.
  2. Buy only the things you really need. Before going shopping, make a list of your needs and stick to it.
  3. Save up the money to buy what you need. Do not take out a loan or use a credit card.
  4. Shop at thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. Negotiate prices.
  5. Avoid trendy clothes; buy classic styles made from high-quality fabrics.
  6. Look for sales and off-season bargains. Compare prices.
  7. Carefully inspect everything you buy; make sure the item is worth the money. Keep your receipts.
  8. Buy—do not rent—furniture. (Look for good-quality used furniture. The classified ads and yard sales are great places to find gently used items at low prices.) Visit any online classified ad site and check the nearest city to your residence.
  9. Shop for food at supermarkets or food warehouses with a shopping list based on menus; avoid costly convenience stores. Base your menu on the grocery ads to take advantage of sale items.
  10. Use coupons, and buy store brands at the supermarket and drugstore. (Compare prices to see what a difference this can make.)
  11. Buy large quantities of things you use a lot.
  12. Eat at home. Make your meals from scratch.
  13. Take your lunches to work.
  14. Share driving or use public transportation.
  15. Trade baby-sitting with neighbors, friends, and relatives.
  16. Rent videos, or borrow videos from the library.
  17. Write letters instead of calling long-distance if these calls cost extra on your land-line phone.
  18. If you have a cellphone, be sure you’re not paying for minutes you never use.
  19. Give homemade gifts.
  20. Read books, magazines, and newspapers at the library, or get a neighbor’s copies when they have finished reading them.
  21. Do as much repair work as possible yourself.
  22. Buy only energy-efficient appliances. You will be paying for electricity and gas, too.



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