How To Open Mutual Fund Account with Sun Life in the Philippines

Once you have decided to invest your savings in Mutual Funds, here are the things you may consider first:

2) Look for a Licensed Mutual Funds Representative – Ask your friends if they know one or you may search thru the internet. But if you don’t know any, just let me know. And I will assist you.

3) Ask for the company ProspectusThis will explain in detail the different type of funds & its objectives, board of directors, company’s Income Statement, sales charges and many more. 

Watch this video by Aya Laraya of Pesos and Sense for easy explanation how Mutual Fund works.

Lets say you are already convinced investing in Mutual Funds with Sun Life, below is the list of the different type of Prosperity Funds and its objectives that you may choose from depending on your risk appetite:

Type of Prosperity Fund What’s My Objective? Where will my money go? What’s my risk appetite? How much is the minimum investment? What’s the minimum amount if I want to add?
Money Market Fund I just want to leave my cash for a short period of time and earn from it, too. This Fund invests in special savings accounts I’m very conservative Php 5,000 Php 1,000
GS (Government Securities) Fund I want my money to earn but my investment should be kept intact. This Fund invests mainly in government debt I’m conservative Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Bond Fund I want my money to earn but my investment should be kept relatively stable. This Fund invests in government and high-quality corporate debt I’m moderately conservative Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Balanced Fund I want my money to earn more and I can afford to lose some of my investment for higher return This Fund invests in a mix of  high-quality debt and equity securities I’m somewhat between conservative and risky Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Philippine Equity Fund I want to maximize the potential of my money for  higher return over the long term  This Fund invests mainly in  high-quality equity securities I believe in the saying, “high risk, high return” Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Dollar Abundance Fund I want to invest my US dollars to preserve it. This Fund invests in foreign-denominated government and high-quality corporate debt I’m conservative USD 1,000 USD 200
Dollar Advantage Fund I want to invest my US dollars and I can afford to lose some of my investment for higher return This Fund invests in a mix of  high-quality debt and equity securities I’m somewhat between conservative and risky USD 1,000 USD 200

Another video that talks more about Mutual Fund investment is from ANC On The Money with Ms. Valerie Pama, COO of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc.


How much am I charged when I invest?

With Sun Life, there are two (2) sales load options depending on your time horizon: Front-End load (Option A)sales load is deducted upfront but with no exit fee. This option is ideal for short-term investing (less than 5 years).

Back-End load (Option B) – no sales load upon entry but investment should stay invested for 5 years. Best for long-term (5 years and more). There will be applicable charges if you redeem your money in less than 5 years.


For Peso Denominated Funds


Load Rate*

Less than P100,000


P100,000 to less than P1M


P1M to less than P5M


P5M and up


For Dollar Denominated Funds


Load Rate*

Less than US$2,000


US$2,000 to less than US$20,000


US$20,000 to less than US$100,000


US$100,000 and up



For Peso and Dollar Denominated Funds

If redeemed within…

Back-End Load*

   1st year


   2nd year


   3rd year


   4th year


   5th year


   Beyond 5 years


                                         *Exclusive of VAT

Opening a Mutual Fund Account with Sun Life

All you have to do is to fill-up the following forms. It‘s easy and simple!

1) Investor Profile Questionnaire: allows to determine your personal investment style. Your risk profile and what Mutual Fund is right for you. Download the form here.
2) Investor Information Form: indicate your basic information/profile (principal and co-investor, if any) and your signature/s (3). Download the form here
3) Order Ticket for Initial Investment: it’s like the bank’s deposit slip. Choose what fund/s are you investing in (Equity, Balanced, Bond, Money Market, Government Securities, Dollar Advantage and Dollar Abundance), sales load (front-end or back-end), amount paid (initial investment is Php5,000 or USD1,000), payment type (cash, cheque or validated deposit slip), source of funds and your signature. Download form here.
4) Enrollment to Mutual Fund Services: if you want the redemption proceeds automatically credited to your bank accounts,
discontinue mailing of quarterly statement of accounts (thru email delivery instead) and faxing of
Order Tickets (additional investment) for current investors, just submit this form. Download the form here

5) Submit photocopy of your government-issued IDs (front and back): passport, SSS, GSIS, TIN, driver’s license, postal, etc. 

6) Initial Investment: minimum amount is Php5,000 or USD1,000. You may give it in cash or cheque – address it to SLAMC or Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. Or you may also transfer your funds directly to SLAMC’s bank account, just provide the original copy of valid deposited slip. Another option is thru online bank transfer (print it).

As of June 24, 2009


Bank of the Phil Islands SA 0073-1798-07 1624-0061-07


Banco de Oro SA 046-004225-4 046-006383-9


Equitable-PCI/Banco de Oro SA 36-0000-2338 1700-1507-80


ChinaBank SA 203-103-6216


China Trust SA 002-020-20899-0 206001449-1


Citibank SA 5-602714-022 5-602714-057


Deutsche Bank SA



HongKong Bank (HSBC) SA 000-270579-070 001-095603-130


Landbank SA 1801-0249-00


Maybank SA 01-059-003283-8 01-759-000153-0


Metrobank SA 066-3718-10691-6 066-2066-10860-5


Phil National Bank SA 390-5704000-12 390-5704000-20


RCBC SA 3-001-00840-3 8-001-00967-3


Security Bank SA 0514-020724-200 0514-020724-201


Standard Chartered Bank SA 014-0953811-004 905-534910-3349


UCPB SA 104-165963-8 01-104-300835-0

7) Type of Account do you want to open: this is also same as opening a bank account. You may get an account as individual, joint, in trust for (ITF) – for your children below 18 years old or institutional account – for your company.
8) Ask for Acknowledgement Receipt: from your licensed Mutual Funds Representative. Applicable only for cash or cheque payment type since fund transfer to SLAMC’s bank account is deposited directly.

9) Confirmation of Subscription: you will receive notification from Sun Life thru text/email if your application is already been processed. Also, Sun Life will send you a copy thru courier.
10) Sun Link Online registration: if you want to view your account information online – Mutual Fund current value and summary of transactions, click here to register. 
11) Mutual Funds Online: is a new facility via Sun Link Online that allows you to add, transfer and redeem shares anytime, anywhere!

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