'Make Your Money Grow' with Aya Laraya

Last Saturday (28th April 2012) was a day well
spent since it was the first time for me to attend the seminar of Aya Laraya,
an investment advocate and host of financial literacy program
‘Pesos and Sense’.
Although I have been watching the show which started airing September of last
year. The seminar entitled ‘Make your money grow’ held at the East Tower,
Philippine Stock Exchange in Ortigas.

It started with an introduction
about Aya who worked as a simple runner/messenger for the old Philippine Stock
Exchange at a very young age. And now, with more than two decades of expertise,
Aya continues to educate the nation through conducting seminar series. 

Here are
some highlights of the event:

-Reasons why people do not
invest: Fear, Ignorance and Bad habits

         a. Never ever invest in anything you
do not know

         b. Take time to learn so it can take
away your fear

         c. Understand how investments work and
what you are getting into

         d. Thinking but not doing; doing without

-“The only difference between a
rich person and a poor person is how they use their time.” –Robert Kiyosaki

-The Social Cost of Investing (delayed
gratification). Sacrifices that you will make for your dreams turn into reality

-Not enjoying your money today so
you can have something better in the future

-Time is Money. It is never too
early to invest. Starting early will mostly give you bigger gains

-Every investment needs time.
Match time with your goals

-Make plans for your money
because others plan to take it

-Aya’s Investment Diagram (AID)
lets you know which investments are more suited for you:

                Time – Do I have enough

                Knowledge – What do I want?
Where is my money going?

                Money – Money begets money

-Before you invest, you must KKK: Know why. Know what. Know how

-Types of Investment:

  1. Bank products – low risk, low
    return (below inflation). Good for daily expenses and emergencies.
  2. Bonds – high capital, low liquidity. These are
    long term instruments
  3. Managed Funds (Mutual Funds)
    minimum capital. There are professional fund managers who manage your money
    that can give you peace of mind
  4. Real Estate – high capital,
    difficult to convert to cash. This can provide you recurring income and it is
    high earning potential
  5.  Stocks
    high risk, high returns. You can now be a part-owner of a company

-You should beat inflation
through smart investing

-“Poverty is not lack of time but
mismanaged time. Not lack of money but mismanaged money.” –Anonymous

-Acquire Knowledge. You make the
decision. Act Now!

The next seminar will be about ‘Time Value of Money’. Catch Aya again on May 26, 2012 (Saturday) from 2:00-5:00pm. Visit Pesos and Sense’s Facebook page for updates.