Pesos and Sense Episode 4 (Video) about Scams

         It really pays off once you have gained enough knowledge especially when it comes to choosing the right company and investment vehicles where you can entrust with your hard-earned money. The 4th Episode of Pesos and Sense taught us on how we can determine if the investment company is legitimate or not. Lets watch the following videos and learn so we can avoid being a victim of Scams

          Learn from the experience of a retired Professor, Mr. Mauri Cabrido.


          Aya Laraya gave us tips on how we can minimize loses once we are really decided to invest our money.

           Citiseconline’s Mr. Juanis Barredo shared about Technical Analysis and how to understand trends so we can determine when to buy and sell our shares.

              Lastly, question and answer portion by Aya Laraya.