Q&A: how to start a good credit rating?

credit rating
by Cornell University Library

Question by Okaki: how to start a good credit rating?
i just got my credit card and i’m wondering what this credit rating thing is all about, and how to keep my credit history good?

and what not to do

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Answer by nadadime
Your credit rating is like a score of your debts and payments. The higher your rating, the more credit you can get in the future for things like student loans, cars or a home.
Potential employers also look at your credit rating to see if you are reliable and trustworthy.
The best way to keep your history good is to make payments on time. If you can’t make the full payment when due, at least make more than the minimum payment. It will show up on your credit score. If you miss a payment, or are late with a payment that will show up too.
Protect your card as if it were cash! Don’t give out your credit card info to anyone, don’t loan your card to others and check your report often to see if anyone else has tried to use it. There is a lot of identity theft out there.
Hope this helped.

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