Q&A: Identity theft?

Question by iam4given4sure: Identity theft?
Has it ever occurred to we? How plus what did we do to fix it?

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  1. You need to give a lot more details like exactly what is it you’re trying to fix.

    Did your SS number get stolen and now the IRS wants you to pay taxes on the money the other person earned?

    Did a credit card get stolen?

    Did someone open a credit card using your name and SS number?

    Lot’s of different things can happen and they all have a different answer.

  2. It did happen to me, but I closed that bank account. I had no money stolen, but it was paypal that told me that my email was changed, so was the password and security question,but I did not authorize that. So, I had no choice but to close my previous bank account that I gave paypal just in case someone will steal funds from that account and it will not be valid.

  3. Identity theft victims have places to which they can counsel. There are centers created to deal with the grief over the loss of possessions and the loss of trust. There are many lawyers who now specialize in identity theft cases. These lawyers will file paperwork concerning the actual theft, what type it was, how much was taken, and any other paperwork needed to file a claim.

    There are many ways to steal money from people. It can take a year or more sometimes before people notice there is anything missing or wrong with their credit reports or credit cards. Getting yearly credit reports is a necessary step you can take to protect all accounts from theft.

    Checking these reports for mistakes will help in detecting fraudulent activity. There is software available that can be used to monitor credit card activity and services that can do that for a small monthly fee. Most identity theft victims will agree that if they had known more about identity theft protection, they would have found ways to prevent it from happening.

    For more information o preventing identity theft and how to avoid becoming a identity theft victim, you can visit the site: