The Jar System of Saving Money

I remember Bro. Bo Sanchez mentioned in one of his talks in The Feast PICC (which I watched in youtube) about “The Jar System” shared by Ms. Miriam Quiambao. And last night, I had the privilege of tuning in into “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” show of GMA Channel 7 and heard it straight from the beauty queen herself. 

But I checked the link unfortunately it was not available anymore. So I searched for Miriam’s other interview on GMA as well (updated on April 12, 2016). You may watch it here.

According to Miriam, she learned about the jar system when she attended financial seminar in Singapore. 

Friends, here are her 8 Jars which you can also apply the moment you receive your income from all sources (work/businesses, etc):

  1. Tithe: 10% of Income for Church. For me, I regularly give my tithes to the Light of Jesus Community so they can use it for God’s Greater Glory

  2. Growth: 20% of Income for Investment. You can invest it in Mutual Funds or Stock Market

  3. Taxes: 12-15% of Income. I believe this is only applicable to those who have businesses since taxes are already deducted once employed

  4. Learn: 5% of Income for Education like if you want to take up Masteral Degree, attend seminars or workshops and the like

  5. Live: 35-50% of Income for Necessities which you can use for your every day expenses

  6. Save: 5% of Income for Savings to spend for emergency purposes. The ideal emergency savings is equivalent to 3 – 6 times of your monthly expenses 

  7. Play: 5% of Income for Leisure like treating yourself for a spa, watch movies, dining outs or for travel  

  8. Share: 5% of Income for Charity to help the needy

I  like the fact that Miriam has bank/investment accounts for each of the jars. Ika nga, hindi pwedeng gastusin ang naiipon. Also, your savings can earn interest as well which you can invest in other instruments like real estate/properties or create your dream businesses. 

“Kung walang isinuksok, walang madudukot. Kung walang itinanim, walang aanihin. Kahit kelan mas wais talaga ang magtipid. Kaya habang maaga, habang kaya pa, simulan na ang pag-iimpok” – Jessica Soho

If you think this can help your friends and loved ones, share it and be a blessing! 🙂