The Ultimate Purpose of Wealth

I could discuss about investments and mutual
, I want you to know
what the ultimate purpose of acquiring wealth for me. 
When I
was younger, I always prayed to God I want to be happy and to have a meaningful
life. But He teaches me to be more specific in praying that’s why I am writing
down every dream in my heart and believing that what I can write down on paper,
I can write them down on reality. And, that was happened to my I “want to-do”
listed on number 17. 
to my ‘virtual’ success mentor, Jack Canfield, for us to know what we truly want is to make a list
of 30 things we want to do, 30 things we want to have, and 30 things we want to be before we die. But I surpassed as I wrote 34 things for
every to do, to have and to be lists. And I am very optimistic and excited that
all the things I wrote down will come true in God’s perfect time. You can try
it for yourself, too.
reason why I want to share this with you is not to brag but to inspire you to keep on dreaming and
believing that all our dreams will come true
. I don’t have big savings
or money now but with the small wealth God trusted with me [since I am building
slowly my wealth now], I used it to start fulfilling my big dream.

11th of May as my friend Jerome celebrated his birthday, I
really wanted to give him something special–the gift of sharing and loving
others. This is something that I have never done as part of nurturing our
relationship and so we decided to have a party
with the kids

on the day before his special day. 

planned as we exchanging messages until morning of his birthday. We asked for
our friend Cris and her family’s assistance and everything happened exactly the
way we wanted. We invited kids from a small barangay in Quezon City as we enjoy
our God’s blessings with them.
words can ever explain the incredible feeling and so much happiness when I saw
the kids and families’ smiles on their faces. I felt the joy of sharing and
loving. And I want to do this again many times in my life.

me, the ultimate purpose of
wealth is to share them and to love others. Because the
only way to keep our treasure is to give it away. May God bless us more so we
can bless others more.
Jacqui with the kids