What is Investment Grade

Last March, global credit rating firm Fitch awarded the Philippines its first investment grade credit rating. And in less than 2 months, our country achieves its second investment grade from Standard and Poor’s. Finally, the Philippines is Asia’s rising tiger. Hooray!

But what this means for every Filipino? Ano ba ang investment grade?

source: www.rappler.com

The investment upgrade will allow the government to spend less on debt payments (lower interest rates) and more budget for infrastructure, education, and health. It will also attract more foreign investments and will create more jobs. 

One of the results that we are experiencing right now is the Philippine stocks have soared to all-time highs this year. According to CNN Money, it is the 5th hottest Stock Market in the world for 2013. I’m proud to be a Filipino!

Now, how can you take advantage of it? 

One of the easiest ways to do yet it takes a lot of learning – is investing your extra money directly in the Stock Market or indirectly through Mutual Funds

Educate yourself and let your money grow!